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Improving Urologic Cancer Care
with Artificial Intelligence Solutions

About us

Prostate cancer and kidney cancer are among the most prevalent cancers and have a profound negative impact on the quality of life of those affected and on our healthcare systems.

The COMFORT project (Computational Models FOR patienT stratification in urologic cancers – Creating robust and trustworthy multimodal AI for health care) aims to assist medical professionals in delivering improved care for people affected by prostate cancer or kidney cancer. The multidisciplinary research teams are developing a cutting-edge decision support system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven insights.

The project strives to develop transparent and accurate computational models by integrating complex health data from multiple sources. These models will use advanced AI-powered risk stratification methods to help healthcare professionals select the right treatments, prevent disease progression, and improve the patient journey. Ultimately, the project will produce the first multi-national evaluation of AI models in a clinical setting and offer new insights to maximise the usefulness and acceptance of the technology.


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Partners 6 Countries

AI in Health Care

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based decision support systems can improve clinical prognosis, patient stratification and individual therapy for people with prostate cancer or kidney cancer. By analysing large amounts of health data, these systems can identify patterns that may not be visible to the human eye. This can augment the capability of healthcare professionals to make accurate diagnoses and develop optimal personalised treatment plans for patients.