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COMFORT Celebrates Radiologists on International Day of Radiology

Today, the COMFORT project is celebrating the International Day of Radiology with a social media campaign. Featuring quotes from our partners, this campaign underscores the pivotal role radiology plays in our research endeavours. The International Day of Radiology is an annually celebrated global event that acknowledges and promotes the indispensable contribution of radiology to patient's healthcare journeys.

The COMFORT project is dedicated to developing multimodal AI models that integrate diverse types of health data, including imaging data, as we firmly believe that radiology is the bedrock of contemporary medicine.

The COMFORT team includes several renowned, board-certified radiologists, and we are committed to fostering connections with more radiologists around the globe. Our goal is to provide them with support in their daily professional activities, reinforcing the importance of their work in the medical field.

Head over to our LinkedIn and X accounts to celebrate with us.