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EU Science Advisors Call for New Institute for AI in Science

In response to a request from Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission's Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) has issued new policy recommendations on the successful and timely implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in European science. These recommendations aim to harness AI's opportunities while addressing its challenges.

A report summarising the recommendations positions AI as a transformative force for science but raises concerns about Europe's dependence on foreign AI infrastructure. To address this, SAM proposes the establishment of a dedicated European institute for AI in science.

This institute would provide researchers with access to high-performance computing resources, cloud infrastructure, and AI training programmes. Additionally, a European AI in Science Council would be established to offer funding for AI-based research across various disciplines.

The report emphasises the importance of responsible AI development. It calls for further research into the ethical implications of AI and its alignment with European values. It prioritises the use of AI for analysing complex datasets in areas such as healthcare, social issues, and sustainability.

Finally, the report underscores the need for human-centred AI. It urges the EU to champion research on the ethical, legal, and philosophical considerations surrounding AI in science.

Further details on the recommendations can be found here: