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Virginia Dignum Appointed to the UN High-Level Advisory Body on AI

The COMFORT project is delighted to announce that our team member, Professor Virginia Dignum (UmeƄ University), has been appointed to the United Nations High-Level Advisory Body on AI (UN HLAB on AI). As a renowned figure in AI, Prof. Dignum's appointment is a testament to her exceptional expertise in the field. In addition to her new role, Prof. Dignum acts as leader of work package 5 ("Trustworthiness of AI models") in the COMFORT project and her insights and leadership have been instrumental in this regard.

Prof. Dignum's recent appointment to the UN HLAB on AI comes at a critical time when the need for effective AI governance is more pressing than ever. Launched by the UN Secretary General with a call for experts in August 2023, the UN HLAB on AI will focus on harnessing AI for humanity on a global scale but also address associated risks and uncertainties.

Prof. Dignum will be part of a global team of up to 32 stakeholders from government, private sector and civil society advising the UN Secretary-General and Member States on achieving globally coordinated AI governance, aligned with human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals.

First results in the form of an interim report are already expected at the end of 2023, with a final report slated for mid-2024 and a "Summit of the Future" in September 2024.

The COMFORT project is proud to have Prof. Dignum as part of our team and we are confident that her appointment to the UN HLAB on AI will add great value to the global AI community.

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