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Improving Urologic Cancer Care
with Artificial Intelligence Solutions

University of Naples Federico II

UNINA is a public University in Naples, Italy. Founded in 1224, it is the oldest public non-sectarian University in the world, and it is now organised into 26 departments located in different sites of the city. The Medical School of UNINA includes different residency programs such as Radiology, Urology, Oncology, and more. The UNINA hospital represents one of the major health institutions in Southern Italy. Research interest is focused on both clinical and translational fields and numerous projects are running, including EU-funded research.

Role within COMFORT

Within the COMFORT project, UNINA will collaborate with the Coordinator in management and scientific coordination to guarantee the implementation of the project. Moreover, UNINA will be primarily involved in prospective data collection and data extraction of patients with prostate and kidney cancer, cooperating in the evaluation of the clinical application of Artificial Intelligence model.

Main contacts

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Alberto Cuocolo
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Teresa Mannarino