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Improving Urologic Cancer Care
with Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Radboud University Medical Center

Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen aims to significantly impact healthcare by providing excellent quality of care and research with a focus on participatory and personalised healthcare. The participating department of the Radboudumc in COMFORT is the 'Diagnosis and Imaging Analysis Group' (DIAG) ( DIAG is a world-leading group on deep learning in medical imaging, with 50 PhD students and 11 staff members. DIAG spin-offs include Screenpoint Medical and Thirona which develop and sell AI products for breast cancer screening, and quantifying lung disease.

Role within COMFORT

Radboudumc will develop and validate trustworthy multimodal AI models for prostate cancer and kidney cancer which incorporate multi-modal complex health data from multiple sources such as image data, laboratory examinations, and unstructured medical reports. Those developed algorithms will be integrated into the COMFORT platform. Furthermore, Radboudumc supports the clinical sites during the evaluation of the models.

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Alessa Hering