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Improving Urologic Cancer Care
with Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Data Science +X Research Center at Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology

The "Data Science +X" Research Center is dedicated to developing digital solutions for sustainable development and addressing various social issues, including digital health and resource efficiency. It consists of 13 members and 26 research fellows from computer science, media informatics, data science, mathematics, physics, medical technology, life sciences, and technology.

Collaborations with industry partners focus on applying artificial intelligence (AI) in practical settings. The research projects cover a wide range of application fields, with particular emphasis on AI+Health, AI for Lifelong Learning, AI in Supply Chain Management, and Industry 4.0.

The ongoing projects, supported by the state of Berlin, the German federal government, and the European Union, benefit from the collaboration of over 100 partners with an average annual third-party funding of €2.6 million.

Role within COMFORT

Within the COMFORT project, BHT is one of the leading institutes in the fields of medical data processing and AI models development. BHT is actively involved in two work packages: WP3 "Development of multimodal AI models" and WP5 "Trustworthiness of AI models", where it leads several tasks with the objectives of developing a natural language model that assists clinical sites in extracting relevant information from the electronic health records (EHRs), integrating the models into a clinical application, and creating advanced trustworthiness models to ensure explainability, address ethical concerns regarding biases, and protect patient privacy.

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Photo of Prof. Dr Alexander Löser
Prof. Dr Alexander Löser
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Prof. Dr Amy Siu
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Dennis Fast
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