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Improving Urologic Cancer Care
with Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki participates in the COMFORT project via the School of Medicine, represented by the Lab of Medical Physics and Digital Innovation (AUTH iMedPhys) and the Department of Urology (AUTH Uro). iMedPhys is a vibrant and interactive scientific hub, which stands as the largest laboratory within the Faculty of Health Sciences in terms of the number of researchers employed, funded projects, and academic work published. AUTH Uro is a clinic with a long tradition in urologic oncology that has led the development of Urology in Northern Greece for decades since it has historically been the University Urology Clinic of the city and has been honoured by serving distinguished researchers and academic teachers.

Role within COMFORT

AUTH is involved in almost all project activities but is mainly in charge of WP4 as a leader. AUTH is supporting all managerial and administrative actions of work package (WP) 1, contributing to WP2 data-related activities, such as identification, extraction and management, as well as the development of multimodal AI models of WP3. The models’ evaluation undertaken as part of WP5 and all communication, dissemination and exploitation activities of WP6 will also receive AUTH’s support. Finally, AUTH leads WP4 with the aim to deliver the COMFORT platform, integrate the multimodal AI models and plan, deploy and validate the solution in the clinical environment. AUTH will bring its know-how from the LifeChamps project which it coordinates in order to contribute to the design, development and evaluation of the AI predictive clinical models.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof. Panos Bamidis
Prof. Panos Bamidis
Photo of Dr Antonios Billis
Dr Antonios Billis
Photo of Associate Prof. Petros Sountoulidis
Associate Prof. Petros Sountoulidis
Photo of Paris Lagakis
Paris Lagakis
Photo of Panagiotis Kartsidis
Panagiotis Kartsidis
Photo of Anastasia Gkartzoni
Anastasia Gkartzoni
Photo of George Petridis
George Petridis
Photo of Ioannis Poultourtzidis
Ioannis Poultourtzidis