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Improving Urologic Cancer Care
with Artificial Intelligence Solutions

European Cancer Patient Coalition

With over 450 members, we are proud to be the largest European non-profit cancer patients’ association. Covering all 27 European Union Member States, and many other European and non-European countries, we represent those affected by all types of cancers, from the rarest to the most common. The European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) works for a Europe where all patients have timely and affordable access to the best treatment and care available.

Role within COMFORT

In COMFORT, ECPC support the development of trustworthy, patient-centric AI models and is also largely involved in the communication and dissemination of the study’s results. Through their large network and wide reach, ECPC empowers cancer patients through trainings, dissemination of scientific information and education. The ECPC plays an important role in developing and evaluating the implementation of the European Plan for Cancer Control and contributes to the amendment or creation of EU and national legislation to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

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Ane De Las Heras Martin
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George Kolostoumpis